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Chemical Peels


SKIN THERAPY or therapy for skin quality improvement
The natural way to a healthy, smooth and glowing skin is medical micro-needling and chemical peel rejuvenating skin therapies. The choice of technique depends on the type and condition of the skin. A clear indication for skin therapy is acne or skin with an uneven surface, with acne scars, skin with spots or small veins. Loose and dull skin, sagging skin, first wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin all these are signs of aging, stress, hormonal disbalance, inappropriate lifestyle. Micro-needling and chemical peel skin therapy is an effective way of treating these problems and is suitable for all types of skin.

chemicky peelingA chemical peel is a medical procedure involving the application of chemical compounds affecting tissue and structural skin regeneration. The application and effect of one or more AHA acids to the skin results in the destruction of the skin to a certain depth and is followed by the regeneration of the epidermis and certain parts of the dermis.

AHA acids have a keratolytic effect, exfoliation helps loosen and remove dead surface skin layers (different levels of peeling). This naturally results in the stimulation of cell regeneration in various layers of the skin. The result is healthier and smoother skin, with minimised signs of acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and other irregularities. Chemical peels using AHA acids are safe and require only a short period of recovery. Several treatments are carried out for maximum efficacy, according to the chosen type of peel and according to the indication determined by the dermatologist. Given the varied portfolio of chemical peels (various combinations and concentrations of AHA acids) this can act on the surface and deep into the skin. The doctor will choose the type depending on the problem and condition of the skin.


  • clear improvement of skin texture

  • uniform skin colour tone, reduced areas of hyperpigmentation

  • reduced size of pores and regulation of seborrhea

  • brighter and lighter skin

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