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Hair Mesotherapy


Micro-needling is an innovative new generation of mesotherapy which helps to prevent hair loss, stimulates its growth and strengthens it at the same time. The concept of micro-needling is based on the natural self-rejuvenation abilities of the skin. Micro-needles on a hand electrical device with high rotation penetrate the skin vertically create microtrauma in the deeper layers and stimulate the bioregenerative processes.

zdrave vlasyIs your hair thin, damaged or falls out? Stop worrying and treat your hair to a curative therapy in the form of micro-needling.
Micro-needling works with a vertical applicator which minimises unnecessary injury of the treated site and provides a more comfortable method of treatment. Besides activating regeneration, the micro-punctures create tiny channels through which any substance – applied to the skin surface – can be absorbed quicker and more effectively. Therefore every such active ingredient in connection with micro-needling quickly enters the intended area. Therefore the therapeutic effect of nutrients is many times higher. Studies show that using micro-needling can increase the efficacy of such topic therapy by up to several hundred percent.

eclipseaesthetics Eclipse MicropenEffective serum
At VeraMedica Clinic we use a solution during micro-needling intended to nourish the hair follicles. This is a highly effective natural extract which fights against hair loss, stimulates its growth and regeneration. The preparation contains a great amount of active substances such as vitamins, extracts from plants and seaweed, minerals, peptides, amino acids, fatty acids, flavonoids and non-cellular hyaluronic acid.

We use this method not only to strengthen hair and improve its quality, but also to tackle the problem of hair loss and stimulate the growth of healthy hair. The method is particularly recommended to treat androgenic and non-androgenic forms of alopecia, regeneration of damaged hair due to the aggressive effects of the external environment (sun, pollution, etc.), stress, nutritional imbalance and hormonal changes. It prevents hair loss in men and women (in women particularly during the menopause), helps remove dandruff and seborrhea, strengthens thinned and devitalised hair.

Frequency of treatment:
Comprehensive treatment: 1 course a week or of up to 10 days, and about 8 courses are recommended. Immediately after treatment it is normal for the scalp to be slightly red. The scalp can be sensitive to the touch for 24 hours. The patient can return to normal work immediately and without restriction.

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