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Silhouette Soft Threads



Today it is not just women, but also men who want to have supple and wrinkle-free skin. Currently it is not necessary to immediately undergo surgical procedures which require anaesthesia and longer recovery. Painless aesthetic procedures are becoming more popular after which you can see an almost immediate result.

SilhouetteSoftOne highly effective method of non-invasive rejuvenation is the application of various thread lifting. The latest generation of thread lifting is Silhouette Soft. These are absorbable threads which combat signs of aging not only by lifting the facial contours, but also regenerating skin tissue. The threads stimulate the formation of the body’s own collagen and therefore gradually restore the natural shape of the face.

Suitable candidates for this mini invasive lifting procedure are women and men who begin to notice more sunken facial features or have deeper nasolabial wrinkles. Silhouette Soft threads are also ideal for correcting oval line of the face and cheeks.

silhouette soft
We use full absorbable fibres with counter cones for the Silhouette Soft method and bidirectional needles which help to insert these fibres. No incision is required to apply the threads and the entire procedure is totally non-invasive. It takes several months for the fibres to absorb and in turn a new collagen network is formed which significantly supports the final effect of tightened skin. The first sign that the procedures was successful is noticeable after about a week and a more noticeable effect occurs after 2-3 weeks and lasts about 12 to 18 months.

SilhouetteSoft1No preparation is required before the insertion of Silhouette Soft threads. Obviously it is good to discuss all the expectations and ask about everything that interests you during the consultation with the doctor. Tell your doctor about all the treatments which you have previously undergone, as well as the medications you are currently taking. Clients should also inform their doctor of all procedures or treatments they have already tried. Excessive “grimacing”, chewing hard and large bits of food and lifting heavy loads is not recommended after the procedure. A facial massage and beauty treatment are not recommended for a period of one month.

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