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“V” Application – neck and low neck lifting


This is a new method devised by Dr. Věra Terzijská within the application of filling materials based on networked hyaluronic acid on the neck and low neck using cannulas. Unlike the hitherto applied method of mesotherapy, the effect will last one year and a maximum of one or two treatments is enough (depending on the skin and age).

Several sessions are required with mesotherapy to achieve the best results and the application involves many fine punctures with ultrathin needles into the middle layers of the skin. Application by cannula requires only a minimum number of punctures (depending on the extent), the site of the puncture is treated with anaesthetic first. A small bruise may appear after application which will disappear within a few days.

Besides filling out wrinkles the “V application” acts naturally to stimulate the formation of collagen and new cells, resulting in fibrotisation, the skin tightens and moderately deep wrinkles are smoothed out. The application of hyaluronic acid which is an important structural element of the skin, leads to intensive hydration that subsequently fills out and makes the skin firm. 

AUTHOR: Dr. Věra Terzijská

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