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Laser Hair Removal


The human body is covered by a great amount of hairs, most of which is invisible to the naked eye. These are light hairs which protect the skin. Only a small percentage of hairs is visible – and unwelcome. Laser hair removal is painless and mostly a permanent method, which helps remove unwanted hairs but does not damage the protective layer of the skin.

Principle of hair laser epilation

The beam of the depilation laser destroys the hair root. Just as hair is replaced so hairs are replaced elsewhere on the body. Hairs pass through various stages of development. The laser can destroy only hairs during their growing stage, i.e. anagen. This means that the treatment must be repeated.

Hairs can be removed on the face (upper lip, chin, cheeks), neck, underarms, forearms, groin, inner thighs, legs, back, chest, abdomen and areolas.

Before laser epilation

The hairs must not be pulled out for at least six weeks before laser epilation, but must only be shaved, cut or removed by depilation cream. About three days before laser removal of the hairs the treated area must be shaved well. The treated area should not be newly tanned whether by the sun or at a solarium.

Individual procedures last from several minutes to several hours (depending on the size of the treated area).

After laser hair removal

Laser depilation is painless and the patient usually only feels mild stinging in the most sensitive areas. Slight reddening can appear in the treated area depending on the treated site and skin sensitivity. If the skin turns red, the redness lasts hours rather than days. It is then important to protect yourself from the sun.

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