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Fractional CO2 Rejuvenation


Fractional lasers work like a non-invasive method of rejuvenation. This procedure will rejuvenate your face by several years. The skin is tighter, will acquire a more youthful appearance and its tone will improve.

Principle of skin regeneration using a fractional laser

In principle, this is the application of laser beams to the surface and middle layers of the skin. This activates the regenerative processes, including the increased formation of collagen without the need of entering the deep layers of the skin as was the case of older types of lasers. Healing is also significantly quicker if a fractional laser is used. It removes fine tiny wrinkles, not the pronounced mimic wrinkles, and improves the structure and tone of the complexion.

Of course the fractional laser is used not only to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, but it also removes injury and acne scars. Two to three applications at a six-week interval are normally required to remove small acne scars. The fractional laser can also remove relatively well age pigment spots which appear in older age. It also produces good results after treating surgical and burn scars.

Course of fractional laser treatment

The actual procedure is almost painless and the laser beams only cause a tingling sensation. Then the patient feels a burning sensation which lasts about an hour or two and the face is cooled at this time. An additional effect is strong reddening which lasts two to three days. A slight swelling may appear around the eyes. Then the skin peels for two to three days. Obviously each person is individual. If a procedure is carried out on Wednesday, for example, a woman can go to work on Monday and use make-up. Incidentally make-up can be applied already 24 hours after the procedure, because only dry skin forms on the face. Of course, you have to forget about sunbathing for a period of two to three months. After which you need to use creams with a higher protection factor.


AUTHOR: Dr. Věra Terzijská

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