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Ulthera is the first and only patent protected non-invasive face lift that has the same results as the classic plastic surgery invasive face lift, but does not involve a surgical procedure with anaesthesia and a follow-up recovery period. Ultherapy is a single procedure resulting in a lifting effect associated with the new formation of collagen structures. It uses the regenerative capabilities of the body to finely and gradually restore the memory of the skin and supporting tissue. “The “age” of the face will be reversed with a marked and totally natural effect. The entire regenerative process is triggered by a single treatment and the resulting effect develops gradually over the next 2 - 3 months.

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy can treat not just the surface of the skin, but also its deep layers highly precisely and naturally with excellent results. The high energy intensive ultrasound is non-invasively focused on previously inaccessible layers of tissue (up to 4.5 mm), which is the depth of the platysma muscle – layers that up till now only a plastic surgeon was able to reach during a surgical face lift. Ultherapy basically uses the natural regenerative capabilities of the body to gradually and spontaneously restore the memory of the skin and supporting tissue.

Course of Ultherapy skin lifting treatment

The ultrasound head is placed on the skin just as with other ultrasound applications or scans. A detailed image of the patient’s subcutaneous tissue appears on the screen of the instrument. Using the ultrasound head the physician subsequently sends out precisely targeted ultrasound pulses up to a depth of 4.5 mm, where the best lifting results are achieved. At the same time, the skin’s surface layers remain undisturbed. The skin reacts to the added energy by contracting and forming new collagen gradually becoming firm and tightening. The physician has a direct image on the monitor of the direction and target of the energy during the treatment.

During the thermal action of the ultrasound there is a light unpleasant sensation of stiffness and even slight pain at the sites of where the ultrasound is reflected from the bone. Each patient is individual. This sensation is just temporary and indicates that the right layers have been affected. It can be eased by taking painkillers before the procedure.

After Ultherapy skin lifting

No special measures are required after the procedure and you can continue with your normal activities. The temporary fine reddening of the skin will disappear in the next few hours. What is typical for the next several days is a sensation of skin stiffness, being sensitive to touch and there may be slight swelling.

Who is Ultherapy designed for?

A suitable area of treatment is the entire face, i.e. cheeks, double chin, neck and around the eyes. A suitable candidate is everyone whose skin is not that firm and is beginning to sag. It is also a welcome and effective option for all those who refuse to undergo a surgical face lift, whether they are worried about a surgical procedure, and a long and painful recovery, or the possibility of the appearance of unnatural facial expressions.

AUTHOR: Dr. Věra Terzijská

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