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Dr. Věra Terzijská – Corrective and Aesthetic Dermatology, Skin Surgery, Cosmetology
NAt the Veramedica Clinic of Corrective Dermatology of Dr. Věra Terzijská we offer a broad spectrum of corrective dermatological and plastic surgery procedures, treatment of skin diseases, consultation and advice.
The Veramedica Clinic also offers a range of skin improvement therapies essential for the complexity of anti-aging procedures.

Newly available at our clinic is the nutritional advice section with a sophisticated methodology of food intolerance tests and an accompanying food and body purification programme. We organise seminars and training for the professional public, monitor global trends in aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine. Long-term experience and a perfect knowledge of the field, hand in hand with a feeling for natural beauty and vitality are a guarantee for satisfying even the most demanding client.

Despite the repute of our clinic and the great demand for the work of our chief dermatologist, Dr. Věra Terzijská, we try to offer you the nearest possible dates for treatment in a matter of days or weeks at least. If we arrange an appointment at a later date, we will of course offer you an earlier date if there is a sudden cancellation. Our aim is a satisfied client therefore we endeavour to bring an individual approach to every client.

Veramedica Clinic is located in a complex with the Estetica – profi permanent make up studio, where you can also find further types of aesthetic and beauty care.

We are constantly expanding the portfolio of dermo-aesthetic procedures for our clients, and here is a random selection of a few selected therapies as inspiration …

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