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During the natural process of aging it is not just the skin that begins to lose its elasticity resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, but there is also a reduction in facial and neck tissue. If this problem worries you, you can make use of the very gentle technique of stretching skin and smoothing out wrinkles offered by the APTOS – feather face lift method.

The purpose of this method is to “suspend and tighten” the face and slow down the physiological changes caused by aging. This is a very delicate procedure using special sutures without having to apply a scalpel and is carried out under local anaesthesia. Aptos is most commonly used to adjust the contours of the face and neck, the sagging corners of the mouth and sagging eyebrows. One or more areas can be treated during the procedure.

Application of APTOS sutures

Given that this is a very delicate procedure, it is usually carried out under local anaesthesia ensuring that it is painless. Local anaesthesia can be combined with the administration of sedatives.

The suture is inserted subcutaneously with a 1.2 mm diameter needle to hold the subcutaneous tissue in the required position. The suture is then overgrown by connective tissue stabilising the new appearance. This procedure is usually used to deal with sagging facial skin under the eyes and sagging skin under the chin. The sutures are made of material that has been used for years in plastic surgery in subcutaneous tissue and on the skin. It is non-allergenic and fully biocompatible material.

Who is the APTOS method for?

Aptos is a technqiue suitable for clients of various ages. It can also be applied to younger candidates (from the age of 30) for correcting facial contours. It you are worried about sunken eyebrows, prominent nasolabial folds, sagging wrinkled cheeks or loose skin under the chin and if you want to undergo a very delicate treatment (and your expectations are realistic) then you could be a suitable candidate for this method.

After the application of APTOS sutures

After the procedure the treated area will be slightly swollen and tiny brusies may appear. This lasts for about a week. It is recommended not to make any strenuous movements especially in the treated area for about 14 days after the procedures.

The result after surgery is almost instantaneous and improves slightly over the course of several months with the effect of the action of the sutures in the subcutaneous tissue resulting in collagen-binding growths that help to hold the subcutaneous tissue in the required position. The effect of the procedure is estimated at lasting for some years depending on the type of skin, subcutaneous tissue and age of the patient. The procedure can be repeated several times if required.

AUTHOR: Dr. Věra Terzijská

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