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Many women’s ideal wish is to have beautiful and healthy skin. Obviously signs of aging become more apparent with older age. Therefore modern non-invasive methods of skin rejuvenation are increasingly in demand. Among the latest is biorevitalization which rejuvenates the skin with the application of hyaluronic acid in combination with plasma.

The application of biologically active substances inherent to the body naturally stimulates the formation of collagen and new skin cells and stimulates the regenerative processes. These are substances that are natural to the body, are safe, effective, hypoallergenic and biocompatible with the tissues of the organism without any undesirable effects.

The result of biorevitalization is not only deep hydration, but also the long-term improvement of the skin’s elasticity and smoothing out of wrinkles. Skin hydration is one of the fundamental factors that have an effect on beautiful and healthy looking skin. Biorevitalization also enhances the effects of other aesthetic procedures. It is ideal in combination with 3D thread lifting therapy. It enhances the lifting effect of the treatment.

The active ingredient of biorevitalization is the patient’s own plasma which contains proteins and platelets with a great amount of growth factors that naturally support the revitalising and regenerating processes of cells. The result is long-term improvement of skin elasticity and smoothing out of wrinkles.

Another ingredient is hyaluronic acid which forms a natural part of human skin. Its main function is to bind water. It hydrates skin in its deeper layers and activates the growth of collagen fibres which increases the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Aging skin loses hyaluronic acid and becomes dehydrated so it loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear.


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