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Liquid Facelift


The liquid facelift combines special application techniques using modern filling materials in combination with botulinum toxin. The purpose of this procedure is to create a relaxed look, improve skin quality, remove wrinkles and fill out the volume without a surgical procedure. The principle of this treatment is a combination of various methods performed in one visit to an aesthetic dermatologist. Liquid lifting can be described as facial volume shaping. The procedure also affects all surface and deep skin layers.

The efficacy of individual procedures is increased significantly thanks to a combination of several methods. The choice of these methods depends on the types of wrinkles and skin condition. Facial mimic wrinkles result from the contraction of the facial mimic muscles. They most commonly appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. In such cases I use botulinum toxin, which relaxes muscle contraction. During application the movement of these facial mimic muscles, which cause wrinkles, is quickly restricted and the skin wrinkles are smoothed out.

Fine wrinkles under the eyes can be smoothed out by finely injected surface fillers.

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