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Laser Removal Of Pigmentation And Marks


The removal of pigmentation need not only be a cosmetic procedure. A layperson will find it difficult to recognise the difference between something that is a cosmetic defect or a mark which could eventually change into a malignant tumour. Therefore the mark must be examined properly by a specialist and a dermatoscope. The doctor will then determine the method of removal.

Methods of the removal of marks

One of the options is surgical removal of a mark followed by histology if this concerns a suspicious formation. Local anaesthesia is used for the surgical procedure.

CO2 laser evaporation or electrocoagulation can be used to remove some normal freckles (ephelides) and pigmentation marks. We use an IPL laser to remove chloasma and melasma type of hyperpigmentation.

Course of laser mark removal

Although laser removal of marks is intensive, it is still very gentle. It is often compared to stinging by nettles. In most cases there is no need to numb the treated area. It is possible to use local anaesthesia in the form of numbing ointment or a mild analgosedation for more extensive treatment and when using an erbium laser.

The resulting surface wound forms a healing scab. The skin is red once the scab falls away and needs to be protected against the sun. The autumn and winter months are the best time to remove these freckles and marks.

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