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Mesothreads provide a mild lifting effect and improve the structure of the skin. This is a minimally invasive procedure effectively stimulating the formation of collagen and creating a sort of collagen structure that tightens sagging skin and contours.

The absorbable fibres are made from material which is broken down in the body in six months and the threads dissolve completely. However they leave a collagen structure which acts like a support for the skin, improves the blood circulation and structure of the skin, tighten the facial skin and prevent it from sagging. It would not be an exaggeration to state that this procedure can be performed during a lunch break.

Where the application of mesothreads helps

This is a procedure which is suitable for men and women worried about sagging skin and the first more prominent wrinkles on the face. It is also a suitable method for altering indistinct facial contours. The suitability of this procedure needs to be consulted with the doctor because the procedure is not a replacement for a conventional facelift which deals with highly prominent signs of aging when the skin is quite loose and covered with deep wrinkles.

Course of mesothread lifting

Given its simplicity this procedure is classed as being mini-invasive. The actual application does not take longer than an hour and in most cases is performed under local anaesthesia. The procedure’s first visible signs of success can be seen after a week when the post-operative swelling subsides. There is a perceptible effect after 2-3 weeks and lasts for more than two years.


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